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Rely on our large portfolio of ingredients to take your product to the next level.

Prepared for any project.

Partner with our experts to find the right ingredients to meet your specific needs. Our R&D team has the lab resources necessary to provide solutions for a wide variety of projects.


Plant-Based Enhancement

The plant-based revolution is rapidly gaining momentum nationwide, and Ajinomoto’s premium products can help your company’s vegan and vegetarian products stand out. It all begins with taste.

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Sodium Reduction

Achieve outstanding flavor and enhanced umami & kokumi characteristics while reducing the sodium levels in savory applications.

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Sugar Reduction

Deliver a clean, sweet taste while reducing calories, carbohydrates, added sugar and cost.

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Taste Improvement

Boost the taste of both sweet and savory foods to make your products even more successful.

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Texture Improvement

Achieve the right mouthfeel with our wide range of texture improvement solutions.

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Achieve bonded products through enzyme preparations and protein cross-linking.

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